Professional Wing2 Zip Wire Trolley

The Wing2 introduces a new level of safety to zip lines with an elegant pivot locking mechanism. This system makes attaching participants to cable faster and easier. It also ensures that the pulley cannot detach from the line while it is loaded.

  • Perfectly suited for public use in forest adventure parks.
  • Easily installed with one hand; minimizing the chance of an installation error.
  • Sheaves are aligned to guarantee stability in motion and to reduce friction.
  • Sealed ball bearings for speed and to give constant efficiency independent of the weight of the person, the temperature or the humidity.
  • Wide opening to accept large diameter cables with ease.
  • Thermoplastic guards prevent accidental entanglement from clothing and hair.

Technical specifications: Breaking load: 15 kN. Working load: 6 kN. For use with cables of max diameter 12 mm.

Professional Wing2 Zip Wire Trolley
Professional Wing2 Zip Wire Trolley