Playground Zip Wires

For Commercial Applications

Our Playground Zip Wire Kits are specifically designed for commercial applications and as such are fully EN1176 certified.

We have uniquely sourced every component from a selection of specialist manufacturers within the UK and Europe to create the ultimate commercial Zip Wire which is ideally suited to Council Playgrounds, Farm shops, Play Parks, Caravan Parks and Holiday Centres.

Installation is easily carried out with the supplied instruction manual and will take a two man team approx 60-90 minutes (excluding mounting frames). You will require a mounting point at each end of the run which will idealy be trees but you can mount your own wooden (telegraph type) poles which can be purchased from Total Poles (Kent area) or construct your own wooden mounting frames. 

You will be required to drill mounting holes through the tree at one end but we offer an optional 600mm Masonry Drill Bit Set to carry this out.

Alternatively, you can also mount one end of your Zip Wire to a building with the use of our optional Wall Mount Bracket.

What's in the box:

  • Stainless Steel Trolley
  • 10mm Galvanised Steel Cable (Length as chosen)
  • Stainless Steel 3m Brake Spring
  • Galvanised Cable Tensioner
  • Galvanised Cable Holding Device
  • Rubber Pendulum Seat with rubber chain cover

Conforms to EN1176 Playground Equipment Standard (Parts 1 & 4). Therefore will pass a ROSPA inspection when installed correctly.

Playground Zip Wires
Playground Zip Wires
Playground Zip Wires
Playground Zip Wires
Playground Zip Wires
Playground Zip Wires
Playground Zip Wires
Playground Zip Wires
20m Playground Zip Wire Kit
30m Playground Zip Wire Kit
40m Playground Zip Wire Kit
50m Playground Zip Wire Kit
60m Playground Zip Wire Kit
70m Playground Zip Wire Kit
80m Playground Zip Wire Kit
90m Playground Zip Wire Kit
100m Playground Zip Wire Kit