Zip Wire Rubber Seat + Chain (no sleeve)

This Zip Wire Pendulum Seat is made from injection moulded EPDM rubber with an aluminium insert and comes complete with a hot dipped 5 mm diameter Galvanised Steel Chainset which attaches to the Zip Wire Trolley shackle via a swivel shackle at the top end of the chain.

The rubber Anti-skid seat has been designed so that it protrudes up the chain to prevent pinching between the legs. The Chainset has been made and TUV tested to meet European Safety Standards so that no fingers can be caught or trapped in any of the links.

The Galvanised Chainset is 2500mm in length and offers the best optimum length for a good ride, this can be shortened according to your particular ride height.

Zip Wire Pendulum Seat Specification:

  • 5 mm Hot dipped Galvanised chain
  • Chain length 2500mm
  • 4mm Steel insert
  • Anti-skid surface with soft side
  • Conforms to DS/EN 1176-2
  • Designed and TUV tested for Commercial and Domestic use
Zip Wire Rubber Seat + Chain (no sleeve)
Zip Wire Rubber Seat + Chain (no sleeve)
ZW Rubber Seat/Chain