8mm Wire Rope (7x19 Strand)

Our wire rope is constructed of 7 cores each with 19 wires which offers the perfect combination of strength and speed for Zip Wire use.

Our 8mm Wire Rope has a 4180kg Minimum Breaking Load and a 335kg Safe Working Load (53 Stone).
Click here for more info on cable diameters.

8mm 7x19 strand Wire Rope is perfectly suitable for domestic runs between 50m and 60m in length, all commercial Zip Wire runs or any domestic Zip Wire runs longer than 60m should be constructed using our 10mm 7x19 strand Wire Rope.

Supplied with a pre machined thimble eye loop on one end and tapered/fused on the other end.

8mm Wire Rope (7x19 Strand)
8mm Wire Rope (7x19 Strand)
8mm Wire Rope (7x19 Strand)
 50m Drum of 8mm Wire Rope
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60m Drum of 8mm Wire Rope