Q: Can adults ride these Zip Wires?
A: Yes, our Garden and Commercial Zip Wire Packages are suitable for even the heaviest of adult riders. Our Junior Zip Wire Package is only suitable for young children up to 7 stone in weight.

Q: Is my garden big enough for a Zip Wire?
A: Most people think a Zip Wire has to be over a long distance to be fun but that is not the case. We offer Zip Wires from 20m long which most gardens will be big enough to cater for and are still loads of fun.

Q: What length of wire rope should I buy?
A: Firstly measure the distance between your two suitable anchor points then add a further 4-5 metres to allow for the main cable going around your tree/pole at one end and also some excess to allow you to pull in the initial slack by hand.

Q: What is the best angle for a Zip Wire?
A: For an average speed ride the suggested difference in height from the start point to end point is approximately 2-3 metres (based on a 40-50m zip wire installed on flat ground). There are many factors to decide the correct angle of a zip wire so this should purely be used as a starting point. A well installed zip wire is rarely at the correct angle on first attempt.

Q: What is the minimum recommended age to ride a ZipWire?
A: We recommend 5-9 years of age for our Junior Zip Wire Package and 7+ years for our Garden and Commercial Zip Wire Packages.

Q: My garden is not on a slope, can I still set up a Zip Wire?
A: Yes, a small slope is fine but this should be taken into account when calculating the cable angle. 

Q: I don't have any trees in my garden, can I still set up a Zip Wire?
A: Yes, but you will either need to install a mounting pole/frame at either end or a ZipWireShop Wall mount Bracket at one end and a mounting pole/frame at the other end. Suitable mounting poles can be purchased here and should be approx 20cm in diameter.

Q: Can I use the Commercial Zip Wire Package in my garden?
A: Yes, our Commercial Zip Wire Package is simply heavier duty than our Garden Zip Wire Package to allow for much more frequent use.

Q: What is the longest cable that can be used?
A: We offer our Garden and Commercial Zip Wire Packages with cable lengths up to 300m. Please contact us for advice if you require a longer run.

Q: Will the cable cut into the tree?
A: A zip wire cable will rarely cut into the bark of a tree but over time the bark may grow over the cable. The best and cheapest method to avoid this is by simply using a section of old garden hose, cut down the centre and placed over the cable.

Q: How long does it take to install a Zip Wire?
A: It can vary depending on your mounting points but it should generally take 10-20 minutes for a Junior Zip Wire Package, 60-90 minutes for a Garden Zip Wire Package and 90-120 minutes for a Commercial Zip Wire Package.

Q: Do you offer an installation service?
A: No we don't but anyone builder, handyman or landscape gardener should be able to carry out your installation. Reputable tradesmen for your area can be found through

Q: Do I need to use a Safety Harness?
A: You only need to use a safety harness if the Zip Wire is installed at a height where a fall could cause physical injury i.e. from a tree house or over a ravine.

Q: How fast is a Zip Wire?
A: All Zip Wires are as fast as you install them to be, for more speed simply install the start mounting point higher to create a greater cable angle.

Q: Is there maintenance involved?
A: You should visually check all components of your zip wire at least twice per year. Check the wire rope for any fraying and ensure all fixings are tight etc.

Q: Are Zip Wires much fun?
A: Be prepared to not see your children for hours on end!! And as the thrill of riding a Zip Wire is unlike anything else that you can experience in your own garden the novelty of riding it simply doesn't wear off. Imagine that summer BBQ with all the kids (and adults!) queuing for their turn on your very own Zip Wire!

If you have any questions about our zip wire products please email